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At Arrival Energy Solutions we recognize the downhole challenges and overall well construction costs that energy companies in the drilling industry face. Our focus is to design and build tools that will help operators drill less problematic holes, stay under budget and still produce quality wells. We service Oil, Gas and Geothermal energy markets with premium technology and services.


Our people always keep us a step ahead because they have experience, wisdom & desire


New technology has enabled the drilling industry to change dramatically


Technology that eliminates as much non-productive time as possible


Employees are guarded against illness & ensuring environment is protected for future generations

About Our Company

Arrival Energy Solutions designs, manufactures and services innovative downhole drilling tools for the global energy industry. Headquartered out of Leduc, Alberta, Canada, we provide mechanical engineering services, manufacturing, quality control and field operations. In addition, we have a mechanical engineering office in Calgary, Alberta, electrical engineering and product development team based in Carlisle in the UK and a full service repair and maintenance facility in Odessa, Texas USA. One of our core design focuses is to develop technology that almost “runs itself”.

Innovative Engineering. Downhole Excellence.

Arrival has proven its from the ground-up engineering methodology time and time again, and continues to set new benchmarks in development timelines and field performance.

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Advanced Tools

We use modern, high quality, sustainable materials in our products.

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Quality Control

The quality of our products and solutions is strictly controlled.

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Technical Support

Our products come with industry leading technical support.

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Expert Team

Our skilled team is aimed to deliver the best results for your project.

What The Industry Is Saying About Us

We’re obsessed about our customer service, so whenever we deliver a solution,
we want to hear from the community how it performs.

Our focus over the last 15 years has been to monitor the drilling process and look for opportunities to enhance the well construction process with cost-effective solutions.

Corporate Governance

Arrival is committed to investing in its team of engineers and technical support personnel in order to achieve the exceptional level of product quality and durability the industry demands.
From ongoing training in emerging technologies and science to maintaining an environment that supports a healthy work/life balance, employees are the company’s most valued asset and are provided with exceptional care and support. Arrival also institutes an ethical code of conduct that lends high regard for community responsibility and support. Additionally, Arrival’s engineering efforts are conducted under the guidelines and ethical practices as defined by APEGA, the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta.


Our focus has been to develop drilling technology that required both mechanical and electrical engineering expertise. Many of the mechanical systems we have developed are now in the field fulfilling many industry requirements. Going forward, the more complex technologies which encompass both mechanical and electrical engineering are now in the field testing or shop testing phase. Almost all of the technologies we have introduced are patented and we believe these technologies will contribute to the industry in a very positive way.
Building an international reputation as an innovator of reliable and leading technology, Arrival has proven its “from the ground-up” engineering methodology time and time again, and continues to set new benchmarks in development timelines and field performance.

Looking to start something great?

All applicants are welcome to apply in person with Human Resources at the address listed below.

  • Arrival is staffed with experienced personnel with a family based company culture.
  • Arrival strives to maintain a work life balance for its employees. We want all employees to be productive and have a life outside of work.
  • Arrival strives to advance as a company so we provide our employees with a flexible work environment.
  • Arrival continually develops leading-edge technology and are pioneers in the downhole directional drilling field.
  • Arrival strives to continually develop, train and advance our employees.
  • We support our employees in growth, development and career advancement.

Arrival is dedicated to provide learning and development opportunities. We expect our employees to strive to learn and develop because we believe that employee growth lies with both employee and employer. We try to put in place the tools so that our employees can be in charge of their own development and allow our employees to have a successful future.

  • Arrival is an equal opportunity employer. We welcome diversity and the synergy stemming from all perspectives as a result of different backgrounds and experiences.
  • Arrival seeks out personnel with extensive experience in the development of downhole drilling technology.
  • Multi-disciplinary engineering departments ensure multiple technologies can be developed at the same time.
  • Maintain separation between engineering, oil field rentals and the service-based business ensures our professionals can concentrate on R&D.
  • Maintain flexibility on project developments in order to maximize internal cash flow.

Health, Safety, & Environmental

The health and safety of those within Arrival’s circle of influence is paramount, and so too is the care and responsibility for the environment in which Arrival may impact. Providing a work place where employees are guarded against illness, and ensuring that the environment is protected for future generations, is the foundation of Arrival’s health, safety and environment program.

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Industry leading technology, proven results and innovative designs provide amazing results.

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