Typhoon Reamer Helps Operator Reach New Limits In Reeves County

Typhoon Reamer

Recently an operator in Reeves County drilled one of its most challenging well designs to depths reaching 23,000+ feet MD with a Typhoon Reamer. The driller managed to complete the well in a single run at a record pace, conditioning the wellbore while drilling over 13,000′ to TD. Company men said they were surprised to see how smooth the trip out was after such a complex well and said that they were extremely happy to see casing bounce off bottom once they completed the completions activity.

Hole Size: 6.75″ / Depth In: 10,829′ MD / Depth Out: 23,931′ MD / Total Drilled: 13,102′ MD / Series Tool: T67 Series Typhoon Bi-directional Reamer

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