Cyclone – Modular Eccentric Reamer Completes Successful Wells To 21,000+ Feet MD

Cyclone – Modular Eccentric Reaming While Drilling Tool

Arrival has added a formidable technology to its arsenal with the Cyclone – Modular Eccentric Reamer. Adding to its premium reaming while drilling and wellbore conditioning product lineup, the Cyclone has made a substantial entry into the drilling market with back to back one-run to TD runs in Ward County, Texas.

Company men and Drilling Staff were extremely happy with the performance of the tool and the overall condition of the wellbore for both their wells. “Completing this casing run in the time we did was absolutely a direct result of the Cyclone. I have been drilling out here in the area for a while and knew we would have to work the casing to bottom across the last 1,000 feet, but we bounced it off bottom with ease. This tool is a beast.”.

The Cyclone Reaming While Drilling tool is Arrival’s newest technology to hit the market. The patent pending modular design allows drillers to choose the overall effectiveness of the tool through a total of 18 selections on cutter sleeve offset. Standard offset is 162 degrees opposing, and the proprietary center mandrel design allows drillers to change the distance between blades as required for enhanced hole conditioning due to varying bottom hole assembly designs.


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